Phonak CROS B-R & Naida B-R Joining the Belong Rechargeable portfolio later this Spring

By February 14, 2018 No Comments

Phonak CROS B-R
From Phonak PR “We are delighted to announce that CROS B-R – our leading solution for single-sided deafness – will soon be available in a rechargeable option during the Spring of 2018. We’ll be releasing more information soon about this exciting new product.”

& Phonak Naída™ B

“When dedicated power hearing technology brings you closer, life is on.”
“Combining our expertise and efforts in research and development for more than 40 years, we are delighted to introduce the fifth generation of the world’s most trusted power hearing aid: Phonak Naída™ B. Also available in rechargeable. Powered by proven Phonak Belong™ technology, this product portfolio embodies premium power hearing aids with dedicated key performance technologies that benefit clients with severe to profound hearing loss.”

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