A pair of leading brand PHONAK hearing aids (any style*) only £1295!

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Compare this deal to anything else on the internet right now!

Specsavers lowest price for PHONAK brand is £1995 (correct on 18/02/2018).
Boots lowest price is £2195 (correct on 18/02/2018).

*Choose from the following styles:

Naida BTE UP, for profound hearing loss
Naida BTE SP, for severe to profound loss
Bolero BTE SP, for severe loss
Audeo RIC 13, discreet thin wire, long battery life
Audeo RIC 312, very popular
Audeo RIC 10, smallest thin-wire version
CIC, completely in-the-canal
Power CIC, completely in-the-canal, for moderate to severe
ITC, pop in ear-canal size, excellent for those with poor manual dexterity
ITE, full shell size in-the-ear model

and benefit from:

– 5 years’ warranty
– 5 years’ branch after care


– 5 years’ free batteries £100
– 5 years’ home visits** £200

You still get our wonderful FREE TRIAL before deciding as well!

Get in touch to see one of our partners.

** 1 per year. In our service area. T&Cs apply.