Oticon Nera 2 Pro

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“Wearing hearing aids doesn’t have to make you feel ‘different’……

It can take a while getting used to wearing them, and ‘tweaking’ them to suite your hearing loss, but for me I don’t know what I would’ve done without meeting Rob and his team.

My hearing loss is, on the scale of things quite complex, and Rob has had the patience of a saint with me!

I stumbled across his service whilst shopping in Oswaldtwistle Mills with my parents at the time and was feeling pretty low as I’d been trying NHS hearing aids without much success. I suffer terribly with Tinnitus and stress makes it much worse.

When I was referred to Blackburn Royal Hospital through my Doctor for hearing aids, each time I paid them a visit, they would ‘tweak’ them slightly, but as soon as left the hospital I knew they still weren’t right and I had to wait several weeks at a time to receive another appointment for another ‘tweak’. This really upset my system and I was feeling desperate.

From the moment Rob came to visit me in my own home, I was made to feel at ease and he continued to visit me until I felt comfortable with my choice of hearing aids and use of them. I can confidently say that if you need an appointment with him at Ossi Mills, it can be arranged within a few days.

I have been wearing them now for 4 years and unless I tell people, they would never know. In my mind, I have got that reassurance that I’m not on my own and Rob and his Team are always there for support. I would not hesitate to recommend them.”


Lynne Calver