Sometimes we get things right. The British Legion Veterans’ Hearing Fund programme is funded through a five year, £13m commitment from HM Treasury using income wholly generated from the Libor rate-fixing fines. We can help deserving service personnel find out how they can be fitted with better hearing devices. For application advice, please call us on 0115 857 2900. The process is extremely straight-forward and simple. We ensure that each patient is fitted with the most suitable solution by means of our free trial process.

Applicants who do not have a copy of their Service Medical records must complete a Subject Access Request Form

All applicants must complete a Stage 1 Application

The British Legion need a copy of your Service medical records or a confirmation of War Pension/Armed Forces Compensation Scheme Award.

Send a copy of the records (or the Subject Access Request Form) and  the Stage 1 Application to:

Veterans Medical Funds (VHF)
The Royal British Legion
199 Borough High Street
London SE1 1AA

British Legion information page about the VHF and application forms

Gregg’s review of the Oticon Opn hearing aid and Apple watch

“Finding a hearing aid that can keep up with my active lifestyle has been life changing. I can rely on them in all environments be that in the gym, a wet day on the hills or at home with my young family. In my work life I am much happier and more confident that I can be involved in important conversations. They are robust and easy to maintain.
The absolute cherry on top is the ability to link my phone to the hearing aids so that I never miss a call or conversation, I can listen to music and adjust the settings via an app.

The advice, fitting and service that Rob and his team have provided has been fantastic, I would highly recommend anyone with hearing issues to get in touch. In the past I have felt limited by my hearing loss but now have a confidence in the technology that is enabling me to get in with life.”

“In addition to my previous comments I would say, the Apple Watch helps promote even more independence by being able to accept phone calls, access functions and listen to music without the need to have the phone right next to you.
In the gym, you can leave your phone in the locker and enjoy listening to music. When enjoying outdoor activities I can waterproof the phone in my bag and get stuck in, knowing I won’t miss calls and can access all the functions via the watch.

Very cool and discreet way of aiding me even more!”


Gregg Stevenson
(a wonderful human being – an example to all of us)