‘WHICH?’ latest report on hearing aid suppliers

INDEPENDENT HEARING PRACTICES ARE BEST!  The most recent survey and the previous one (April 2018 & September 2016, participants over 3000 / 638) conducted by the famous consumer magazine asked Which? members about their hearing aid experiences in High Street retailers – including Boots Hearing Aids, Specsavers Hearcare, Scrivens Hearing, Amplifon and Hidden Hearing. The survey asked these hearing aid customers about the range of products offered, the hearing aid prices, the customer service and the facilities. Independent Practices (of which we are one) came out on top. Here are the findings:

2018 Survey, excerpt of results:

2016 Results

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Our Editor’s opinion – independent hearing practices are best

The trouble is of course, that a successful hearing aid fitting may involve quite a few fine-tuning visits. This is because hearing aid fittings tend to be very individual. Each of us tends to respond differently to the same hearing aids. we embrace this through our FREE TRIAL process.


Independents are probably a little more able to choose from a wider range of products. I guess that big chains would make large yearly commitments to certain manufacturers; or indeed are financially tied to, or owned by a manufacturer.
This is certainly true of some High Street retailers.

Independents will still tend to recommend certain brands (for instance we are rather keen on Oticon and Phonak at the moment), but we are in contact with all of the ‘big 6’ and you are welcome to try ANY hearing aid* you like!
Our prices are similar to the big chains, especially if you compare us in terms of the newest models. Independents are arguable more likely to have longer-serving staff and bearing in mind that you may need fine-tuning and prescription changes made, it is better if you get to know your chosen audiologist over the long term.

It’s probably true that the better Independents tend to have more immediate access to advanced testing and diagnostic equipment, such as Real Ear Measurement, Hearing Instrument Analysis, Tympanometry and Speech Mapping.

So, get in touch, and see how we measure up!