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These are just some of the hearing aids you might like to try for free:

  • Phonak Audeo P90R: Rechargeable with a sealed lithium-ion battery
  • Phonak Audeo P90: Direct connection, streaming and hands-free calling to most Bluetooth phones (unique right now)
  • Oticon More 1: Made for iPhone, with stereo streaming of calls and music
  • Oticon More 3: Great budget version of the above 
  • Resound ONE RIC: Made for iPhone, with feature-packed app. and remote programming by your audiologist is possible with this one
  • Resound LiNX QUATTRO ITC: Made for iPhone AND in the ear
  • Starkey Livio EDGE AI 2400: The world’s first “healthable” hearing aid
  • Starkey Muse CIC: Excellent for severe hearing loss
  • Widex Moment 440 RIC: New ‘made for iPhone’ device with a renowned mellow sound production
  • Signia Styletto Connect: Changing the look of hearing aids

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