Enhance your hearing even more with Roger™ Pen

An all-inclusive wireless microphone for use at work or home, the Roger Pen offers best speech understanding in noise and over distance, plus Bluetooth connectivity.
So, if you have a very challenging hearing loss and find yourself in background noise situations, you should consider using this in conjunction with your hearing aids.

Connection methods
The simplest is by use of the MyLink. This neck-worn device is used through your hearing aids’ T-coil setting. This method allows us to test your hearing capability with the Roger Pen without further complication or unnecessary cost.

Otherwise, we can use a small receiver (MLxi) attached to your Phonak ComPilot II, or by receivers attached by audio shoes to your hearing aids (this could be to any BTE hearing aids that can be fitted with audio shoes, most makes – we can advise).

As a selected supplier of Roger equipment, we can arrange a demonstration of the units for you to try.

How does it work?

The Roger Pen is very easy to use. You can point it at the desired sound source. you can place it next to the speaker, or another can wear it with the neck loop accessory.
It will increase the desired sound immediately, and yet as soon as you move it away as little as 10 degrees, that sound will fade and the new sound pointed at, will be accentuated.
It’s very impressive, but needs to be tried first.

We make it so easy to try out the ROGER PEN, with no fuss and no cost.

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