Andy PriceAndy Price
11:41 13 May 24
You can have every confidence visiting this Audiology practice. I’ve had tinnitus for years and wanted to get my hearing tested. Alan was thorough, explained everything he was doing very clearly. He was honest enough to say that I wouldn’t benefit from a hearing aid and didn’t try to sell one. Would heartily recommend and will be back in a few years for a check up. Thank you!
Richard OsborneRichard Osborne
19:17 09 May 24
Just want to say a big thank you to Nottingham Hearing Practice in Beeston. Another pleasant and professional wax removal appointment on a Saturday. Since COVID the NHS had discharged me after 25 Yrs due to cut backs, but I’m pleased to say that Nottingham Hearing Practice have continued to care for my hearing….. Thank you.
Chris BloodChris Blood
16:05 03 May 24
Visited shop today saw Steve in Beeston who cleaned both ears thoroughly and did a brilliant job so can recommend 100%Can hear a pin drop now😁
Sophie WalkerSophie Walker
08:31 03 May 24
I had had hearing troubles for a few days and was at my wits end when I called the Nottingham hearing practice and I’m so glad I did! Due to a cancellation they had managed to get me in super quick and fixed my hearing issue in 20 minutes. Joanne was absolutely lovely and put me completely at ease! The practice itself was very straightforward to find and I was welcomed with a smile and friendly face on arrival. 5* service.
Stephen BrownStephen Brown
20:49 14 Apr 24
I first used the hearing centre during covid when my local doctors wouldn’t clean my ears. They recommended the hearing centre, and I’ve been going ever since. The staff are excellent, very helpful and friendly, and talk to you all the way through the process. I was expecting my ears to be sringed, but in fact, suction was used, like a mini hoover. Every time I’ve been, four times now, my ears are cleared perfectly and professionally in a very safe way. Most impressive. To add, it’s not cheap. However, the service is excellent, and I think it’s well worth it, and I would thoroughly recommend.
Bethan GregoryBethan Gregory
15:26 09 Apr 24
Unable to get into the GP and after being recommended by opticians and a pharmacist as an urgent matter – I managed to get a same day appointment and the test was so thorough and professional. Thankfully my issue isn’t permanent, everything was explained and I was put at ease. Thankyou so much!
Ian CunninghamIan Cunningham
16:27 06 Apr 24
Excellent service from a very professional and knowledgeable practitioner. The emphasis is very much based on the patient’s needs and the ability to test various options before buying is really helpful. Highly recommended
David WrightDavid Wright
15:19 08 Mar 24
After many years of struggling to hear children talking and being told I listen to the TV loud, I decided to go for a hearing test. This proved that I had significant hearing loss. Thanks to Jo, I have some magnificent hearing aids letting me enjoy life more conversation and music. Nothing was too much trouble to check what I needed, lots of time to evaluate trial aids. Very personable, Jo took loads of time to ensure I was very happy. Excellent customer service.
A L BerridgeA L Berridge
16:33 27 Feb 24
This Practice works miracles. After just half an hour’s gentle ministrations, they cured my tinnitus and restored my hearing completely. Everyone was warm and friendly, everything was very clearly explained, and I walked out a new woman. Many thanks to all at the Hearing Centre – I can’t recommend them too highly.
Peter BensonPeter Benson
18:57 17 Feb 24
Steve assured me on the telephone that he can solve my wax issue, and he was right! Specsavers provide a wax removal service but my wax was too hard & compacted and they couldn’t help me. With suction, instruments, persistence & patience (on Steve’s part!) my wax was finally removed. After 3 uncomfortable weeks it feels great to be back to normal. I can’t praise the service enough, professional, friendly & efficient. Any future wax/hearing issues I have I will definitely return here. Thanks Steve!
Steve GlenSteve Glen
18:47 11 Feb 24
Third time I have been to them for ear wax removal . As always the service was first rate. The preparation and explanation of what would happen were very careful and unhurried. I was put completely at ease .The procedure was carried out with minimum fuss . I would recommend them to anyone wanting a thoroughly professional and highly competent service.
Max SmithMax Smith
15:12 23 Dec 23
I suffer with build up of ear wax. I have had it removed on a number of occasions before however it has always been very rushed and on two occasions painful.I was recommended to the Nottingham Hearing Practice and was delighted with their treatment. They showed me the situation in both ears with the camera before and after . No rush, no pain and they got rid of the wax. What a super service. Thank you Nottingham Hearing Practice!
Joanna BrowneJoanna Browne
12:55 23 Dec 23
Fabulous practise with exceptional customer service. My ears block regularly and they always sort them out. I can’t recommend them highly enough. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Susan WillanSusan Willan
17:43 18 Dec 23
Very friendly put me at ease, very professional latest technology and came out being able to hear again. Thank you
Adrianne LeafeAdrianne Leafe
10:51 21 Nov 23
I visit this hearing clinic approximately once a year for ear wax removal and will continue to do so for the foreseeable. The staff are friendly, kind and professional. An ear wax blockage is uncomfortable and frustrating and whereas most doctors are dismissive and uninterested, the staff at this clinic are caring and accommodating. I spent years struggling with my ears and feeling there was no support available but I am so pleased to have found this clinic. I have attended for several years now and will continue to do so. I also recommend this clinic to all of my friends and family if they are having any difficulty with their ears. You will be taken good care of here!
David CopeDavid Cope
08:27 05 Nov 23
Another fantastic experience from Stephen at the Beeston branch. If you’re looking for ear wax removal and want a professional first class job, look no further. Thoroughly recommended.
Cj TylerCj Tyler
14:41 28 Sep 23
Professional, helpful, and put me completely at ease. I have never needed my ears clearing before, but the staff were so kind and help I felt very relaxed. The procedure was quick and painless and I am able to hear again. Would definitely recommend great experience.
Ian GillIan Gill
15:48 21 Sep 23
I wrote a 5-star review almost a year ago and after a couple of further visits – for wax removal – I’d like to confirm that the level of customer care remains absolutely and totally unblemished.It is OUTSTANDING.I have been fortunate to see Alan each time and his friendly, informative approach and attention to detail remains top-notch.Genuinely, I cannot recommend the services of the Nottingham Hearing Practice highly enough.Well done to all involved.
S HutchinsonS Hutchinson
11:30 21 Feb 22
I had an appointment with Alan in late January. I followed the advice prior to attending. When I got there, Alan was very friendly and welcoming. He was absolutely explicit in exactly what the plan was and talked me through the equipment he was using and why, which massively helped put any concerns to rest.The whole process was quick, without ever feeling rushed. My ears were cleared and I was able to get back to normality at work and home.I can’t recommend this place enough. They’re experts. They’re a cut above anywhere else I’ve been (popular high street shops have offered a similar service but I’ve never felt confident in them). It was also extremely Covid-safe, if that’s a concern. I waited outside until my appointment so there was only me and Alan in the premises during my appointment.I’d definitely use them again.
Jane MillarJane Millar
15:29 17 Feb 22
I highly recommend this practice. I went for ear wax removal and every step was clearly explained, along with what I should expect to hear and feel. Excellent service.
16:58 04 Dec 21
Excellent service, staff very friendly, which makes you feel at ease. Have visited this practice twice and would highly recommend it.
david hughesdavid hughes
14:16 11 Nov 21
Superb. I cannot fault the service provided by the Nottingham Hearing Practice. At every point along the journey, from an email, to telephone call to the actual service was excellent. Extremely friendly and helpful staff who couldn’t do enough. I highly recommend.
Locksley McPhersonLocksley McPherson
17:03 09 Nov 21
Had ear wax removal procedure done, very expensive for 15 minutes. Well informed and the whole process was very comprehensive
David CameronDavid Cameron
09:52 05 Oct 21
I rate this practice highly and would recommend it unreservedly. I knew it would be difficult to sort my hearing problems from experience at other hearkng centres. They were very patient and let me trial aids and go back several times for adjustments. After sometime I now have my hearing problems sorted. I cannot thank them enough for their expertise.RegardsD Cameron.
Chris BradburyChris Bradbury
09:10 02 Sep 21
Excellent service and very friendly. Tried digital hearing aids free of charge for 2 weeks and have just bought my first ever aid. I’m more than pleased with the results and the degree of aftercare you get with with the purchase . Can recommend to anyone.
Marie-Claire TroutMarie-Claire Trout
15:09 17 Aug 21
Professional, helpful and understanding staff. A painless procedure that has allowed my 14 year old son to hear again (after months of oiling due to excess ear wax). Thank you so much! Will definitely recommend.
Rod LanghamRod Langham
06:59 16 Aug 21
Extremely professional and knowledgeable with a relaxed approach that gives you the reassurance that you are in good hands.Jo & Steve were able to diagnose my issues quickly and advise on solutions. I would highly recommend them.
Sam BirchSam Birch
10:03 30 Jul 21
Came across this place accidentally after a curious googling session of ways to remove ear wax after years of problems…..Best thing I ever did !!!!!! I’ve been twice now and both times I’ve walked out after being amazed at the service and what they’ve removed. Highly recommended!!
Paul CrichtonPaul Crichton
07:06 14 Jul 21
I had a problem with an outer ear infection and wax build up. After an initial phone call I was advised to use Earol for a few days and then I was treated by Jo. I am now completely sorted, I have nothing but praise for the efficient, courteous service I received. I was made to feel important and that I mattered. If you have a problem with your ears and you want to be given the best treatment, don’t hesitate, pick up the phone and book an appointment with The Nottingham Hearing Centre (Beeston). You will be treated like Royalty and it isn’t expensive.
Paul CrichtonPaul Crichton
06:36 14 Jul 21
I had a problem with an outer ear infection and wax build up. After an initial phone call I was advised to use Earol for a few days and then I was treated by Jo. I am now completely sorted, I have nothing but praise for the efficient, courteous service I received. I was made to feel important and that I mattered. If you have a problem with your ears and you want to be given the best treatment, don’t hesitate, pick up the phone and book an appointment with The Nottingham Hearing Centre (Beeston). You will be treated like Royalty and it isn’t expensive.
Denise GrzesiczekDenise Grzesiczek
14:58 24 May 21
The whole experience from beginning to end was perfect, i was quite nervous but the staff were very friendly and professional. I would reccomend this service to anyone.
Abi DroAbi Dro
21:50 11 May 21
Amazing! Lovely service, made you feel super comfortable & got the job done. Definitely recommend
Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton
16:43 08 May 21
My first time having wax removed and I was a little apprehensive, but I needn’t be as the service was courteous and professional. Very quick and painless.
Bryan AtherallBryan Atherall
10:39 27 Mar 21
A brilliant service. First time ears hoovered. Kate was wonderful. Would really recommend to anybody needing that service.
Brankica Ilic (Branka)Brankica Ilic (Branka)
14:23 26 Feb 21
Professional service with attention to detail, highly recommend!
Paul RobinsonPaul Robinson
11:34 22 Feb 21
Really professional and efficient service which solved my issue speedily. Covid secure, but in a non-intrusive way.
Keith WallaceKeith Wallace
12:54 16 Feb 21
Very friendly and professional despite being in a Corona Virus lockdown situation.I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone needing the services that they offer.
David TeeDavid Tee
09:16 17 Dec 20
Staff are very helpful and friendly would go back again
Rebecca ButlerRebecca Butler
10:33 02 Dec 20
If I could give more stars then I would. I have been deaf for nearly two weeks but after 20 minutes today I can hear perfectly again. I have already recommended one of my colleagues as the service provided was exceptional in every respect. 10/10
Richard GilmanRichard Gilman
11:24 15 Nov 20
I haven’t heard so well in years. The results where amazing. I felt at ease and comfortable throughout the whole process, it was great. Can’t recommend enough.
Martin & Philippa DeanMartin & Philippa Dean
14:46 15 Sep 20
I don’t know why I didn’t read the reviews of the Hearing Centre, before I went last Wednesday for treatment.I agree with most of the comments made.However I wasn’t shown what the inside of my ear looked like, before and after treatment, so don’t know if all the wax was removed. I think Alan said it was. It was such a relief to hear again.Anyway I’ve probably got very sensitive ear canals because nearly a week later, I’m still feeling pain and discomfort, especially in the right ear and may have some discharge. Alan attempted microsuction on my left ear but it was too painful as I hadn’t put any oil in it. Alan does know about the above and recommended trying Ear Calm, I think it’s called, and he said he couldn’t diagnose whether I had an ear infection and I’d have to see my Doc.Today my Doc phoned me and although he wouldn’t look at my ears, he’s ordered me a prescription of antibiotic ear spray, in case I have.Please do not let my experience put you off going to this company, if you have any hearing or ear problems. This is definitely not my intention.I paid £84 and although this was for both ears, the wax in my left ear wasn’t cleared.Sorry this is so long. Pippa Dean
Lisa PerkinsLisa Perkins
17:15 28 Aug 20
Previously when I have needed to have ear wax removed I have gone to my GP surgery to have them syringed which has been a long and drawn out process. Today however I had suction on both ears at The Nottingham Hearing Practice to remove ear wax rather than going to my GP.From the moment of my first enquiry to the procedure itself, I cannot recommend them highly enough. I would definitely recommend them to others and will definitely be using their services again in the future.
Lynne MasonLynne Mason
10:47 01 Aug 20
Absolutely excellent service.I have always been to the NHS for syringing but because I felt vulnerable as have had embedded ear wax I wanted to feel that I was in expert hands with an audiologist. It was removed so professionally using micro suction which I havent had before and would certainly have again .I skipped out of there feeling wonderful and able to hear again. I would highly recommend this place.
Sharon RidleySharon Ridley
18:58 30 Jun 20
From the moment I contacted this company I felt that they had listened to what I was saying about my brother and actually the audiologist ‘Jo’ remembered him from her time at the ropewalk about 15 years ago.She was kind, spoke to my brother, explained all about what was going to be done. The service was brilliant even in these difficult times.Will definitely be using their services again.Thank you.
Shirley ShergoldShirley Shergold
17:13 05 Jun 20
Hi just had ear waxing from the first moment I arrived until I left I was greeted with 100 0/0 curtesy and fantastic customer service. I was taken through the whole process professionally I highly recommend this practice and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone
Anthony BaxterAnthony Baxter
14:55 01 Jun 20
Very professional, especially during these trying times with COVID-19. Excellent service & the process of ear wax removal was effortless. I would definitely recommend these guys ?
16:03 09 Mar 20
Initial emergency visit for completely blocked ear, squeezed in within 3 hours. Been twice since, no fuss. Straight in, cleared and gone. Absolutely brilliant. Free parking 1 minute away. I love the NHS but I will only come here for ears now. . Very highly recommend
Michael ShawMichael Shaw
16:21 06 Mar 20
Wow can’t speak highly enough of this practice. Fantastic friendly and highly professional from first contact through to treatment. I felt fully confident after being talked through the choice of procedures available.Particular thanks to Jo who treated me for a blocked ear. Lost my hearing in the left ear and was diagnosed with an inner ear infection via the Nems Doctors on Sunday. He proscribed antibiotics and then told to see a nurse for unblocking my ear. Couldn’t get in to see a nurse at my local practice for “2 weeks”.It was making me feel quite ill, dizzy and had a lot of awful sounds rushing around my head let alone the feeling of pressure!So in desperation I did some research and found that microsuction is typically used in Hospitals nowadays and is considered safer than syringing. I looked around for a faster safer treatment as it was driving me insane. Although I’ll admit to feeling a little apprehensive at first, I’m really happy I went through with it.The amount of horrible goo that came out was quite scary and somewhat embarrassing. I now feel some much better. The pressure has gone away and I can actually hear again in the ear.Thank you from the bottom of my heart.Can’t recommend you highly enough.
Lucy AdamsLucy Adams
11:06 05 Feb 20
Visited this morning to get help with a completely blocked ear that has been bothering me for a few days. From the first phone call through to the procedure, the team have been brilliant. I was given sound advice on the phone to help care for my ear until the appointment, to find nearby parking, and what to expect during the treatment. The audiologist was very professional, friendly and understanding – procedures were well explained and I had full confidence throughout. Highly recommend this practice and thank you again – it has made such a difference!
John SwannJohn Swann
15:24 24 Jan 20
I have just bought new digital hearing aids from the Nottingham Hearing Practice. From the very beginning, the whole process has been excellent. The Practice is a very clean and pleasant environment and all of the staff are highly knowledgeable and friendly. After a very comprehensive hearing test and investigation into which situations I found it most difficult to hear, Jo went through all of the options available for new hearing aids. She answered all of my many questions patiently and demonstrated a high level of skill as an Audiologist. I have had consultations with a number of Audiologists over the years since I started losing my hearing and Jo is the best that I have seen. A couple of weeks later, I was able to have my hearing aids fitted and adjusted with the same level of care and expertise. I can honestly say that my hearing is better now than it has been for years! Nothing is too much trouble for the staff here, and I would highly recommend them. A definite 5 star experience throughout.
Kev MinchinKev Minchin
19:55 19 Dec 19
I visited the Nottingham Hearing Practice today for a hearing test the whole experience from start to finish was excellent , the procedure was explained to me and put me at ease. I was referred to my doctor for further investigation but If the outcome was a need for hearing aids i would have no hesitation in returning to the practice. Thanks for your help
Kev MinchinKev Minchin
19:52 19 Dec 19
I visited the Nottingham Hearing Practice today for a hearing test the whole experience from start to finish was excellent , the procedure was explained to me and put me at ease. I was referred to my doctor for further investigation but If the outcome was a need for hearing aids i would have no hesitation in returning to the practice. Thanks for your help
Paul KeetonPaul Keeton
17:01 25 Nov 19
Just visited after totally losing my hearing in one ear due to a wax buildup. I previously visited my GP at the beginning of the year. A nurse used an irrigation machine, which caused some pain and discomfort, and only a small amount of wax was removed.I decided to go for a paid treatment with a hearing professional once the same ear became blocked again. It was a great decision as within 15 minutes, all of the wax was removed by suction, no discomfort or pain and everything was explained fully. I was even shown a video image of the blockage that looked like a wall of glass.I can now hear again, thank you. This will be my first option for any repeat of this issue in the future.
Andy HallamAndy Hallam
09:48 14 Nov 19
Having never needed anything like this before I was advised to have suction for a blocked ear. Easy and painless, took 5 minutes. Couldn’t believe all the nasty brown wax that came out. Well worth the comfort and convenience of a private procedure, highly recommended.
Andrea ParkinAndrea Parkin
14:45 07 Nov 19
Excellent service from start to finish. Staff were very friendly and I immediately felt at ease after Alan explained the procedure for ear wax removal. I had been suffering for weeks with blocked ears but wish I’d rang sooner. I can’t recommend them enough and would be more than happy to use their services again. Highly recommended.
Rachel FranceRachel France
10:48 31 Oct 19
The Experience The ear clinic was easy to find & I was greeted warmly by Alan.His room was super clean, slightly clinical, with nice artwork of the inside of an ear hanging from the wall. Alan was sympathetic, understanding and made me feel at ease immediatelyHe explained simply what was going to happen and that he would do his utmost to help.The ProcedureAlan explained all of the equipment in the room and what he would be doing step by step. This gave me absolute clarity and comfort in what to expect since I felt some mild anxiety about what this was going to entail. First, he asked if I would like to see what he could see as he looked in my ears. He could show me a magnified version on the screen in front of me.Alan explained that this wax had been there for years and years, compacted down on top of more and more, so it becomes hard, dark and very difficult to remove by yourselfRealityAlan explained it might feel tender at times as he might need to scape away at my funky old ear wax and to let him know so he could ease off if it did. My confidence in him helping me was huge because of the way he treated me.He managed to clear both ears completely and I sense he was as relieved as I was since it took longer than the average set of ears apparently! ;)My face was aching from smiling as I shook Alan’s hand vigorously, he was smiling too and I think he understood because as I was leaving I was almost crying, overcome with the joy of sound.I drove home smilingI had to turn my stereo downI enjoyed sounds Very very strongly recommend and I would go back because this was an investment NOT an expense! Thank you Alan
David WaltersDavid Walters
11:16 30 Oct 19
I can only say that visiting the Nottingham Hearing practice has been exellent from start to finish. I was unsure about purchasing my hearing aids but after being given a free trial of two hearing aid types I was so much more aware of sounds than I can remember. It has been a long time since I have received such personal service and impartial advice. Thankyou to all. Money very well spent.
aga bieleckaaga bielecka
11:28 02 Sep 19
I had a very positive experience with this practice. The staff members are kind, ready to listen and talk you through the treatment, which in my case was microsuction on both ears. It was fast and painless and really effective. I highly recommend and would definitely come back.
aga bieleckaaga bielecka
11:28 02 Sep 19
I had a very positive experience with this practice. The staff members are kind, ready to listen and talk you through the treatment, which in my case was microsuction on both ears. It was fast and painless and really effective. I highly recommend and would definitely come back.
Jacqueline HollidayJacqueline Holliday
09:34 05 Aug 19
I came to the Hearing Clinic last Wednesday after months of feeling locked in my own head and isolated due to my blocked ear. Thank you so much for improving the quality of my life. My family and friends have noticed a huge difference and I am no longer debilitated. I am so happy with the fantastic service I received here- I can’t recommend them enough.
Tamsyn MitchellTamsyn Mitchell
13:55 24 Jul 19
No words to describe how incredible The team are here. After a quick consultation my ear problem was sorted out in no less than 5 mins. Instant relief and I walked out with a huge smile on my face. If I could give them 10 stars it still wouldn’t be enough 🙂
Richard GRichard G
14:44 21 Jul 19
After experiencing difficulties with hearing, I had micro-suction on both ears. The initial assessment and treatment were handled extremely professionally by the team and I was kept informed about the whole process throughout the work. I would definitely recommend this practice to those seeking similar help.
Mrs MacMrs Mac
09:55 13 Jul 19
I highly recommend the services of The Nottingham Hearing Practice to anyone suffering with ear wax. I was quite distraught and the wonderful team put me at my ease, recommended pre-treatment with the best softening solution I’ve ever encountered (Earol Olive Oil Spray) and extracted the offending wax quickly and easily. Miracle workers!
19:07 14 Jun 19
Had a wonderful experience having my earwax removed at this clinic. The staff were very nice and professional. The doctor was very patient when answering my questions and reassured me through every step of the procedure. Definitely would recommend this clinic to everybody!
Sp McdadeSp Mcdade
20:17 12 Jun 19
I think the service provided by the Nottingham Hearing Practice is brilliant. The staff are welcoming, knowledgeable and extremely hardworking to help fixing whatever difficulties you experience (mine was both ears blocked up). I would recommend this practice to everyone. 5 stars.
Alan GreenAlan Green
15:15 13 May 19
My GP practice has stopped carrying out ear wax removal, a procedure I have needed every 1 to 2 years since the 1980’s, leaving me with a problem. I was recently in Beeston and I spotted that The Nottingham Hearing Practice did the procedure by micro suction. I did some research, liked what I saw and made an appointment. I am so glad I did, they did an amazing job of removing my ear wax, using irrigation and micro suction, showing me via a camera what the inside of my ears looked like before and after. I am delighted I now have a solution to this recurring issue and I cannot recommend them enough.
Alan GreenAlan Green
15:15 13 May 19
My GP practice has stopped carrying out ear wax removal, a procedure I have needed every 1 to 2 years since the 1980’s, leaving me with a problem. I was recently in Beeston and I spotted that The Nottingham Hearing Practice did the procedure by micro suction. I did some research, liked what I saw and made an appointment. I am so glad I did, they did an amazing job of removing my ear wax, using irrigation and micro suction, showing me via a camera what the inside of my ears looked like before and after. I am delighted I now have a solution to this recurring issue and I cannot recommend them enough.
Rodney HancockRodney Hancock
18:11 01 May 19
Having had hearing problems for years and trying different brands it was to try one went to Nottingham hearing practice,where I met ALAN Jackson what a great guy he soon put me at ease, he removed a lot of ear wax and set me up with a pair of Oticon aids and let me try them for 2 weeks yes 2 weeks which you need to do with family and friends. with not one penny up front.after the trail i went ahead and purchased them. my life as changed so much and my confidence as shot up no end thanks so much to the Nottingham hearing practice.
Jeff ElliottJeff Elliott
15:16 03 Apr 19
Excellent friendly service with no pushy sales techniques, allow you to test the device free of charge, and you only pay for it when you are 100% happy with your new device. Seem too really care about what the customer wants. Very professional. I would highly recommend this company.
Josh HarrisJosh Harris
14:44 28 Mar 19
Really fast response to my request and great friendly service. Very professional and gave me a good understanding
Steve CoxSteve Cox
15:32 26 Mar 19
Excellent service managed to see me on the same day when nobody else could. Nice friendly staff and very informative. Completely cleared my ear out and very thorough to make sure all wax was gone. Thankyou
Bartek KowalBartek Kowal
20:07 13 Mar 19
Outstanding service ! Easy to book and friendly staff. Thanks to Jo i can hear again. She was incredibly helpful , kind and caring. Can’t rate them high enough ! One more time thank you !
Dawn StewartDawn Stewart
15:42 26 Feb 19
Great service. I was given thorough telephone guidance and a timely appointment. I am amazed at the improvement in my hearing. Thank you.
Andy ListerAndy Lister
18:36 27 Jan 19
After putting off getting my hearing tested, I visited Jo at the Hearing Practice. The service I received was exceptional, nothing was a problem while I spent 2 months trying 3 different manufacturers hearing aids. Jo, whilst leading with her professional expertise, was prepared to listen to my thoughts and opinions, resulting in my being very happy with the outcome. I suspect there may be cheaper places to go to, but I doubt the level of service will come close.
Mike LewinMike Lewin
12:43 24 Jan 19
I cannot recommend Nottingham Hearing highly enough. Alan was highly professional and guided me through all the options available to ensure that I selected the best hearing aids for my needs. Top quality service!
Joy FitzwaterJoy Fitzwater
13:58 11 Jan 19
:After having a very disappointing and frustrating experience with the purchase of my last hearing aids, I thank my lucky stars I found the Nottingham Hearing Centre in Beeston and Alan Jackson where customer care and attention to detail is at the core of their business.Alan was a breath of fresh air after my corporate experience. Independent, approachable, focusing on my specific needs and supplying a product that has exceeded my expectations. This has been a very professional and efficient company in all my dealings with them. Brian Fitzwater
Nuala DonnellanNuala Donnellan
12:03 05 Jan 19
I trialled 3 types of hearing aids and chose the Oticon Opn’s. They have made a huge impact on my life as I am now able to use the telephone independently and the Bluetooth capabilities are ace. I am able to stream to my mobile and no one knows I’m listening to music. I can also stream my telephone calls, which is funny to see other people’s reactions until I explain to them, I’m not just talking to myself! I’d highly recommend to visit this practice, for the personal approach from the Audiologists, down to the technology they are able to offer. I’m 28 years old and definitely proud to wear my hearing aids.
Lyn DyerLyn Dyer
14:28 02 Jan 19
It has taken me a couple of years to get the courage to do something about wax build up as I hate anything in my ears. Out of sheer deafness I took the plunge. The whole experience of using the hearing practice was fantastic. Easy to book and friendly staff. Alan did an amazing job of my ear and i can’t beleive how much I can hear now. Alan was very kind, caring and gentle and the wax was removed in around 15 minutes with no discomfort. I would recommend and would happily return if it builds up again. £55 I felt was a very reasonable price. Thank you so much.
Andrea HammondAndrea Hammond
14:11 13 Nov 18
I had been having problems with my hearing due to excessive wax, my Doctor had “fobbed me off” and I was nearly deaf in my left ear! I found this lovely practice online and decided to pop in and make an appointment. Mrs Herrod was able to see me straight away and was able to remove a large amount of wax from both ears. The treatment was painless, just a slight tickling sensation, she was very polite and professional. I was able to see on the monitor the “before and after” in both ears, wow, what an improvement! I would highly recommend this practice to anyone having problems with earwax.
simon brownesimon browne
11:58 23 Oct 18
Fantastic experience at the Nottingham Hearing Practice. I had suction and irrigation to both ears to clear them of a build up of wax. Jo managed to fit me in on the morning I called and did a brilliant job clearing my ears. She took time to explain the procedure at each stage and was very reassuring. I will definitely use the service again, can’t rate them high enough!
15:32 11 Oct 18
I woke up completely unable to hear out of my right ear and my left ear being mostly blocked as well so enquired online before the practice opened. By 9am I’d been booked in for the same day around my work commitments (even after I had to change the booking once because of a meeting change) and by 2pm I had both ears completely sorted and I could hear more clearly than I have done in years. Can’t recommend them enough!
Mrs HMrs H
22:21 08 Oct 18
Fantastic! Friendly professional service. Would highly recommend for any ear or hearing concerns! These are the people to see. Jo was amazing.
Philip RadfordPhilip Radford
18:48 03 Oct 18
An excellent service from very nice and welcoming people.I only rang this morning about my blocked ear that I couldn’t hear with and by 4.30 this afternoon I had been cured by their expertise in ear wax removal.I highly recommend this practice.
Thelma BeastallThelma Beastall
13:41 07 Sep 18
J0 had been looking after me for three years when I thought that I had lost her. I was so pleased to find her again in Beeston. Not only her, but Alan as well, who had fitted me up with hearing aids in the first place. They are both such caring and helpful people, who work in a very pleasant environment. Since finding them, Jo has removed wax from my ear by suction– an efficient and painless process — and given me a full hearing test, both done with care and consideration. I would recommend them to anyone.
Meggie JordanMeggie Jordan
13:19 07 Sep 18
Posting from my daughters account…I have just had the most amazingly fantastic experience at The Nottingham Hearing Centre. Jo, the audiologist, was superb and explained everything so clearly. I didn’t feel pressured in any way and came away with excellent advice. Can’t recommend this place highly enough.
Christopher TaggartChristopher Taggart
14:28 03 Sep 18
Having had my appointment at their Beeton branch, I’ve just been kindly treated to the absolute height of reassurance and clinical professionalism, and like other reviews I’ve read, I cannot recommend ‘The Nottingham Hearing Practice’ highly enough! Frankly, if I could, I’d give it far more than the five stars allowed!! Thank you TNHP!
Chris GriceChris Grice
12:03 16 Aug 18
Excellent service and product knowledge. Nothing to much trouble and assisted in selection of the best equipment or my condition. “New Ears” purchased to replace my tired ones. The Hearing Practice is a much needed addition for those with hearing difficulties.
Louise wallerLouise waller
19:25 11 Aug 18
This week I was in a pretty desperate state with severe pain and tinnitus from a blocked ear and having been unable to sleep the night before, I was desperately marching around central avenue in west Bridgford to see if any of the opticians/hearing centres could help me or point me in the direction of someone who could! By some absolute miracle Jo was in the same shop, overheard my pleading with the staff and offered to help me out on a Saturday afternoon as she was going in to the shop anyway…. The process was quick, clearly explained, professional and comfortable and I cannot thank her enough for helping me out at such short notice. Would go back in a heart beat if the same happened again!
Iain OrmeIain Orme
11:52 02 Aug 18
I can’t recommend this practice highly enough. They made to feel at ease from the moment I walked in the door and explained everything really clearly. Jo resolved my pain in one ear and cleared out both ears quickly and effectively. Really pleased I can hear properly again. Well worth the money to have this done. Thank you Jo.
Robert OldroydRobert Oldroyd
14:43 30 Jul 18
Visited the Hearing Centre today with two ears impacted with wax that left me practically deaf. I hadn’t had microsuction before but this was performed by Jo and a total success. Jo was great from start to finish in both her manner and skill. Can’t recommend her highly enough.
Ali QuinnAli Quinn
16:08 26 Jul 18
Called up today, spoke with Jo on the phone who was very welcoming. She kindly booked me in on the same day! Very professional and friendly service. Now I can finally hear again!
Charlotte Hart-ShawCharlotte Hart-Shaw
12:11 26 Jul 18
I called today after two frustrating GP appointments and no resolution. The staff were wonderful and got me in on the same day and now all of my discomfort and hearing problems are resolved! All of the staff were amazing and very caring. I would definitely recommend and would come back again (although hopefully won’t have to!)
Edmund WestlakeEdmund Westlake
07:45 25 Jul 18
I visited the practise after failing a hearing test for a new job. Id heard about a new way of having your ears cleared out through suction instead of water irrigation. I spoke with Jo on the phone and she was extremely friendly and talked to me about the process. They booked me in really quickly and the whole process on the day was slick and Jo and Alan were great. They also conducted a hearing test with me and gave me some really useful insights off the back of the results. I would strongly recommend this clinic and the team here to anyone.
Lesley GineverLesley Ginever
09:33 20 Jul 18
My partner had been struggling with his hearing for the last few years and decided to get his hearing tested.The team at Nottingham Hearing Practice were very professional throughout the whole process and he now has a set of digital hearing aids fitted.He is over the moon with his replenished hearing and the TV is now back to an acceptable volume for the rest of the family.He can’t speak highly enough of the service he received from Jo and Alan.
Nick RoseNick Rose
09:51 17 Jul 18
As an audiologist myself I cannot recommend Alan Jackson and Jo Herrod highly enough. Their in-depth knowledge, and attention to detail sets them above the more impersonal service offered by the chain stores. If you are in the Nottingham area, I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else!
Kerry HarrisonKerry Harrison
17:19 12 Jul 18
After suffering a blocked ear overnight I made contact with this practice and Alan was able to see me on the same day and immediately diagnosed impacted ear wax. I decided to have the wax removed by micro suction and Alan put me at ease and removed the wax safely and efficiently. Very professional practice and service thank you!
Carl WhiteCarl White
19:46 07 Jul 18
I went to my GP with a problem of build up of wax in my right ear. Due to being 80% deaf in my left ear this was causing so many difficulties. My GP couldn’t have been more unhelpful, such a shame as I think the NHS are great in so many ways (but not all) After being told to go home and search google for ear wax removal I came across The Nottingham Hearing Practice in Beeston, the lady audiologist was great she explained everything and put me at ease. The relief when the wax was removed from my good ear can not be put into words. I was so impressed with this company’s approach and customer service that under my own volition, I have booked for a hearing aid test for my deaf ear. Would I recommend this practice and the staff that work there? Yes I would. Carl White
hist oryhist ory
09:57 06 Jul 18
I can’t thank Jo at Beeston Hearing Centre enough. I rang for an emergency appointment as I had terrible pain due to a very bad build up of ear wax. Jo was fortunately able to see me straight away. She has a lovely ,understanding,caring manner & even though it wasn’t the easiest wax to remove she persevered & to my relief she was able to clear my ear. I highly recommend this practice & have no reservations of going again. Margaret
Jennifer MarshallJennifer Marshall
10:15 18 Jun 18
I was quickly put at ease by this excellent team of Audioligists. The attention to all my requirements was handled in a most professional manner. I would strongly recommend a visit if you have a hearing problem of any kind.
Neil MooreNeil Moore
09:42 12 Jun 18
Once again, I received fantastic service when I visited The Nottingham Hearing Practice for wax removal. Jess the receptionist was great when I rang to book the appointment and Jo the audiologist took her time when we spoke in person about the problem I was having and carefully removed the wax at a steady pace so I wasn’t in pain or discomfort. I couldn’t recommend this practice more and will always come here for future services! Thank you.
Louise ThompsonLouise Thompson
21:14 29 May 18
I rang on Thursday to enquire about ear wax removal for a completely blocked ear. I needed an urgent appointment, ideally on a Saturday when I wasn’t at work. The fantastic receptionist rang me back and got everything sorted. The service I then received in the practice was brilliant – lovely clean clinic, reassuring, quick and easy – ear completely unblocked and I can finally hear properly. I’ll be back again when it no doubt reoccurs. Comfortable and professional service
Tracey YeadonTracey Yeadon
14:01 05 Apr 18
My Mum had been needing a hearing aid for years for was quite nervous about going along for a test. Alan put her completely at ease and talked her through each step of the process. With the assistance of a carefully selected hearing aid my Mum now has excellent hearing again (sometimes too good)!Thanks Alan for making it such an easy and comfortable experience.

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