Phonak Hearing Aids in Nottingham

Phonak Hearing, the market leader’s new operating system is the astounding LUMITY. That means it’s a great first choice for our FREE TRIAL process

PHONAK AUDEO LUMITY– try it first with us

It’s the only hearing aid to enable hands-free direct connection & streaming to virtually all Bluetooth mobile phones and TVs equipped with the TV connector accessory. They have called it ‘Made for All’ – as you can connect to virtually any Bluetooth phone.

This is the PHONAK AUDEO LUMITY. Choose this if you make/receive lots of mobile calls OR you really struggle with the TV.

The versions available are

      • The popular Rechargeable Audeos (Receiver-in-the-canal, such as Audeo L90 R) which almost all users will find incredibly comfortable and effective in noise (in various sizes), The smallest of which packs the most widespread appeal.
      • The Naida P for severe hearing impairment,
      • The Virto P ITC (with Biometric Calibration), with twice as many laser measurements of the ear anatomy taken – is a custom-built 1-piece in-the-ear aid. This will suit those with poorer manual dexterity.
      • The Virto P IIC and Power CIC versions – will suit those wanting ultimate discretion.
      • The titanium shelled IIC,  as above and very, very hard to break.
      • And the new Naida PR for profound hearing loss.

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