The exciting new OTICON OPN 1 S is now here

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…And WE are able to let you assess this incredible new device at home, with no commitment, until you are convinced you are hearing better again.

The new features to note:

  1. The OpenSound Optimizer effectively eliminates any possibility of feedback, even though these are ‘open’ fittings.
  2. The super fast (nothing is faster at processing amplified sound) new VELOX S platform. Some 3.5 billion processes per second!
  3. Lithium-ion quick charging batteries – means no more fiddly batteries to change.
  4. OpenSound Navigator scans around you 360° more than 100 times a second, reducing loud noise, whilst preserving speech.

Does that all sound too good to be true?

Well, of course with us, WE PROVE THESE CLAIMS before you have to decide if the product meets your expectations.

Call now on 01115 857 2900 to book an appointment


Ken Pidcock, from Channel 4’s “Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds” now hears better with our help.

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“Having had one life changing experience as one of the adults in the series OPHF4YO*, I hardly expected another as I walked through Lark Hill Retirement Village.  
I noticed representatives from The Nottingham Hearing Practice, and having discarded other brands, I decided to make an appointment to have a test in my own bungalow.

                I could not have been more pleased.   I was offered two of the best technical models on the market to try for a period before I finally made my choice.   I now only need half the volume on my television, and I can now hear long forgotten sounds of birds.  

                Alan and Joanna were meticulous, pleasant and understanding.   I can recommend that you will be in safe hands”.

Ken Pidcock



* Channel 4: Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds, 2018

If you register / log in to Channel 4 on demand, you can watch the incredible episode 5 yourself for free.

Our first sight of the OTICON OPN IIC / mini CIC

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Our patient, who is a vastly experienced IIC wearer with a complex and challenging life-long hearing loss, was quite pleased on his first trial appointment. We took very deep ear canal impressions using velvet-soft impression material and created these Oticon Opn 1 IICs for him, with no agreement, no payment, no commitment. He is trialling these over Christmas. Let’s see how they perform!

That’s what we do best.

0115 857 2900

Incredible response to the new Phonak Marvel

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Our initial supplies of this pivotal hearing aid are depleting quickly. If you would like to TRY this amazing hearing aid, simply book an appointment with one of our audiologists. In most cases, you will walk away on that day with a pair of Phonak Marvel.

  • It’s the first Phonak hearing aid we have ever tried that sounds super-smooth on first fit.
  • It’s the first lithium ion rechargeable hearing aid that switches itself on and off as it is inserted / removed from it’s charger stand.
  • It’s the first hearing aid to feature its own unique Bluetooth protocol stereo streaming. We have tested this on Honor 6A, Huawei Pro 20, HTC U11, Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone XS  max, iPhone 5s – the quality is astounding.
  • Our real life tests of the Phonak myCall-to-Text phone transcription app and myPhonak remote programming app are taking place over December and January.

Prefab Sprout

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Paddy McAloon, the front man of ’80s band Prefab Sprout, plays an exclusive taste of his next album which is still a work-in-progress.
He spoke to Today reporter Nicola Stanbridge about making music despite hearing problems (Meniere’s disorder) and sight loss. Link

Phonak Marvel ready in-store for you to TRIAL FIRST

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You can try this first with us.
– streaming of calls and audio from Android and iPhone
– rechargeable
– remote programming
– speech to text

But remember, as hearing aid outcomes are SO VARIABLE, get your trial first. Only from The Nottingham Hearing Practice.

Goodbye to Kitty (Kitty Linn O’Neil: March 24, 1946 to November 2, 2018)

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Kitty O’Neal passed away last week. A truly inspirational figure, left deaf from a childhood illness, she was thwarted in her dream to become a champion diver, and instead became a renowned stunt-woman, and then famously the world land speed record holder. She proved that deafness was no barrier.

In 1976 in Oregon, O’Neil set the world land-speed record for female drivers. A hydrogen peroxide powered three-wheeled rocket car called the “SMI Motivator” reached an average speed of 512.7mph, with a peak speed of 621mph.

When she retired, Kitty had set 22 speed records on land and water.

Her land speed record still stands.

Jo and friends out on Sunday picking litter

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Well done Jo. Out on Sunday helping to look after our wonderful country. It’s SO important that we are all seen to have pride in our communities. The more of us that care, and are seen to care, the better we will all be.