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Why FREE TRIAL* hearing aids?

This is why we are different. We give you the opportunity to test your new hearing aids properly before deciding upon any purchase.
A Free Trial* of hearing aids is such a good idea as for various reasons (your individual cognitive listening skills, the type of hearing loss you have and the length of time you have experienced hearing loss), your response to any given hearing device can vary greatly from that expected.
This variance in individual effect is widely recognised as the reason why so many hearing aid fittings do not turn out well. We offer a free trial*, so you’re able to test our recommendation – without us asking you to commit or pay for the aid(s). If it doesn’t work out for you, we can try another approach or a different type of aid – this is better than worrying about asking for a refund, or feeling obliged. Come along and see us at our clinic in Beeston, Nottingham.

(*A fee for the initial hearing test (usually £60.00) may apply.)

Start your journey to better hearing with our team. For more information please get in touch today. We are here to help!


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Ear wax removal by all approved methods

We are your number one choice for safe, professional ear wax removal. . Our appointment time is very generous and ensures we get to know you and your circumstance before we attempt any procedure.

Why would you not want to test your new hearing aids out first, before buying?

It’s an easy choice. Get in touch for your consultation with Jo or Alan (both are very experienced audiologists, regulated by the HCPC. We’ll be in touch straight away


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Video-otoscopy – view your outer ear
Tympanometry middle ear assessment
Speech-in-Noise discrimination testing
Ear wax removal by all approved methods
Noise protection, passive and electronic
In-ear monitors
Hearing device re-tuning, calibration
Hearing device repair and loan
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