Ear wax removal

Ear wax is naturally produced by the glands in the first third of your ear canal, to lubricate and to protect the skin in your ears from potential infection. Sometimes it can build up in your ears which can be troublesome and can directly impair your hearing or cause discomfort.

Why you should have ear wax removed professionally:

It is not advisable to attempt to clear ear wax by pushing objects (such as cotton buds) into the ear canal(s) , this will very likely push the wax deeper towards the eardrum and can lead to further complications; the lining of the ear is very delicate and can easily be damaged! Infections can also be easily caused by incorrect self treatment.

At The Nottingham Hearing Practice we offer friendly, effective and professional ear wax removal services. Our clinicians achieve this by using specialist equipment to gently and safely remove wax from the ear canal(s). We are trained and experienced in all three approved methods: micro-suction, irrigation and instrumentation.  Often a combination of treatments is required to achieve the very best result for our clients, with no extra fee involved.

As well as conducting an examination of the ear canals and eardrums pre and post wax removal, we can also offer video imagery (so YOU can see what we see!) and Tympanometry which allows us to carry out an evaluation of the eardrum, the  middle ear, the eustachian tube (connecting the middle ear with the nasal-sinus cavity) and the ossicles (the small bones in the middle ear).  

Our appointment fee for wax removal is £85 per session.  (You will be seen by experienced, fully trained and insured staff). We allow a generous 45 minutes per session to ensure there is ample time for a safe, professional and thorough outcome.

Unless otherwise directed we advise the use of olive oil prior to your visit. (This is to soften the wax for your appointment and will assist with both comfort and removal.

Please call us to discuss your requirements…

We are your professional provider of ear wax removal in Nottinghamshire. Saturday clinics are available by appointment.

Free 2nd appointment if advised: If it is not safe to remove excess ear wax on day 1, or if our clinician advises that the removal should be done over two sessions, then the second session is not chargeable.

Olive oil (for aural use): We advise (in most cases) that this is used to soften the wax for a few days before your visit. Earol olive oil spray is highly recommended and is available from us or most local chemists.

We are the wax removal experts in Nottingham!