Ear Wax – treatment of excess ear wax prior to removal

It is usually the case that you’ll be advised to use olive oil (warmed to hand temperature) prior to any ear wax removal. ‘Earol’ is perhaps more effective as it comes in a bottle with a director nozzle, enabling you to deliver a fine spray into the ear canal. Most of us are asked to use some sort of ear wax softening fluid twice a day for 10 days, once a healthcare professional has identified you have excess ear wax. It can help to massage the outer ear or cheek after each use. Cotton wool or ear buds will just soak up the oil. It’s best to let the oil drip out of the ear canal before wiping away.

We find that most one-off ear wax problems are caused by incorrect use of cotton buds or by active ear wax removal fluids (containing bicarbonate of soda or hydrogen peroxide).

Ear wax can accumulate from using in-the-ear ear protection buds, in-the-ear earphones, in-the-ear hearing aids. Also from ear candling and inserting foreign bodies (hair clips etc). Those of us working in very dusty environments (farming, mining, building) are more likely to get ear wax problems. Other contributing factors are narrowed ear canals, very hairy ear canals, skin conditions such as psoriasis, previous ear infections, etc.

If you have repeated ear wax accumulation problems, you should see your GP.