Robert Donnan

“I have been fortunate in life to find something that I love to do and am very grateful that I have been able to help so many people to hear better over the last 24 years.
I have a zest for life and enjoy utilising that enthusiasm to motivate my patients to wear hearing aids. It’s incredibly rewarding to help people to hear well. Not only does that individual benefit, but often so do family and friends. But what I find so wonderful is that often hearing aids can improve one’s balance, help camouflage tinnitus noise and even help improve voice control.

Some 10 years ago I decided to open our first new practice in Cleckheaton (in West Yorkshire) on a shoestring, in order to try out my new idea – to offer every single patient the opportunity of a FREE TRIAL. That is, without any compromise, allowing everyone to walk off with expertly programmed finished products and try them at home and in their own unique social environments for a few weeks. And offering this perhaps several times in order to prove a definite benefit in background noise.

I am certain that this approach has made our small family of dedicated staff, extremely receptive to your needs. After all, it becomes very much our responsibility if you cannot hear well enough.

Our new Nottingham practice is run on our core principles, namely: of offering value for money, allowing a good trial before purchase and – what we believe to be a unique holistic approach to hearing aid acclimatisation.

We don’t really have any junior or inexperienced staff, indeed all our audiologists have at least 10 years’ experience.

I specialise in motivational counselling, fitting hearing aids to those with severe and profound losses, analogue hearing aids, and ensuring that we continue to offer a completely independent service.

I don’t think I’m very materialistic and I do officially work 6 days a week. In reality more like 7 if one includes all the stuff I do on my computer. I am motivated by what my patients think of me, and how many word-of-mouth recommendations I get. I am ‘in business’ to provide for my family and in this for the long term. I guess that’s a good thing for my patients.

I am happily married to May (who puts up with me very well), and have two children, Ellie (12) and Harvey (20 months), with another on the way. In my spare time, I enjoy website design, playing mah-jong with the family, walking with the kids – and I’m a bit of a film buff (preferring the 1930s and 1940s, film noir and Humphrey Bogart films).”


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