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The Nottingham Hearing Practice is Inspired by Ida

The Nottingham Hearing Practice is Inspired by Ida

FRI SEP 28, 2018 10:36 AMBy Ellen Pucke

The Nottingham Hearing Practice in Nottingham, England is the newest clinic to earn the Inspired by Ida label for person-centered care. Inspired by Ida is a program that guides both hearing care professionals and front desk staff in the fundamentals of person-centered care (PCC) and provides coaching for implementing PCC in their work via tools developed by the Ida Institute. Successful completion of the coursework and pledging a commitment to PCC principles earns clinics the Inspired by Ida label, a benchmark of quality in person-centered care.

We checked in with Jo Herrod, Co-Director and Audiologist to learn more about the Nottingham Hearing Practice’s philosophy and what earning the Inspired by Ida label means to them.

Why was it important to you that your clinic become Inspired?

We are a newly established partnership of two accomplished audiologists bringing more than 50 years of combined experience from the public and private sectors to the clinic. We share with the Ida Institute the same passion for delivering the best possible outcome for clients and we will always take on board any service, training, and new ideas that can help us maintain and improve upon our ethos.

As seasoned professionals, what did you take away from completing the Inspired by Ida program?

We have a significant dedication to our practices and we have both finely honed our patient experience over many years. Having done the Inspired by Ida courses we realize that a lot of what we do naturally echoes much of Ida’s principles. However, one never stops learning and it is easy to become complacent, hence us sharpening our skills through the Inspired by Ida program.

How would you define person-centered care?

Person-centered care means that the client in question is at the heart of whatever we do, to enable us to deliver the best possible outcome now and for their future care.

What does person-centered care mean to your clients?

I think if you asked a client “what is person-centered care?” they would have a good guess, but not recognize its importance in the work we do.

We try to convey with our marketing materials and website that they are the most important thing about what we do, and that we strive for the best possible result for them and their family. If that means putting off going down the hearing aid route for another year or so, then that is the advice we give them. Clients have been surprised when we have not “tried to sell them a hearing aid”, but this only leads to greater trust in us as a private company and sets us apart from other local providers.

The Inspired by Ida label of quality is all a part of how we demonstrate who we are to our community.

Visit our Inspired by Ida page to learn how you can join the program and earn the label as a clinic or visit our Learning Hall to earn Ida badges as an individual practitioner.