Alan H Jackson

“Entering the Profession in 2004 I was trained via a leading private audiology company whom had their own state of the art residential training facility in Buxton, Derbyshire. Coming from a senior management role within one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains I instantly knew I had made the right decision to change into a profession that still centred around the customer/patient but which offered a great degree of medical and technical skills to be learned.

After qualification I soon gained a reputation as someone who wanted to do things “right” and with a natural attention to detail I was promptly promoted to lead a team of audiologists. Being responsible for audits, training needs and any required support gave me an invaluable level of experience I am grateful for to this day. It is in these very early years I embraced the fact that audiology is not and never will be an exact science, a phrase I still stand by many years later.

Some years later I decided to try my hand with a large national High street chain and although being surprised at the sheer volume of patients I saw on a daily basis I still managed to achieve a high level of care and respect and was soon promoted to the Senior Audiologist position within the company’s flagship store. Some eight years later after witnessing much change, facing increasing patient numbers and demands on time coupled with the imposition of a target based system I knew it was time for change.

Over the years I had often wondered what it may be like to work as an independent audiologist  and decided to contact an old friend and colleague whom was not only responsible for much of what I learned “on the job” at the start of my career in audiology but whom had also set up a successful independent practice in Cleckheaton, W Yorks over a decade ago. Once the wheels were in motion we quickly picked up traction and before we knew it the ‘Nottingham Hearing Practice’ was born. It was some time after this that I bumped into Jo whom expressed some interest into my current situation and before we knew a great partnership was formed.

Having worked extensively with Jo at both of my previous 2 employers I knew her experience, skills, manner and empathy could only add to a great collaboration of independence. Being able to offer the time, experience, skill and access to all available manufacturers portfolios can only lead to a more positive outcome for our patients.

Alan H Jackson

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