The incredible new OTICON MORE 2021 available for FREE TRIAL now

The brain needs access to all sounds to perform optimally

Oticon More is the WORLD’S first hearing aid giving access to ALL relevant sounds in the sound scene

Intelligent Deep Neural Network (DNN) – foundation to a fundamentally new approach to sound processing – powerful NEW platform Polaris

NEW More Sound Intelligence – sound processing powered by DNN – trained with 12 million real-life sound scenes, therefore, giving access to the full sound scene with clear contrast and balance. Proven to make the sound scene 60% clearer.

NEW More Sound Amplifier – unique, dynamic amplification system that makes the full sound scene audible while maintaining the fine contrast and balance between sounds

Strong BrainHearing benefits  – Oticon More delivers 30% clearer sound to the brain and 15% better speech understanding while reducing listening effort (compared to OpnS)

Direct streaming for Android with ASHA and iOS for iPhone.

The rechargeable style in 3 levels: More 1, More 2, More 3