We are live!

Our practice is now OPEN. We are getting new enquiries every day, so thank you for your interest in our new enterprise!

We had a lovely day today, getting acquainted with our new space. We agreed that the parking arrangements are superb – with several nearby car parks offering parking all day for £2*. Also, that Beeston seemed to to have a rather pleasant outlook, with everyone agreeing that it felt a safe place to be. Beeston is perhaps becoming a little more up-market these days, not surprising as access is excellent via bus, train, tram and car.

There are many well-attended restaurants, cafes and independent shops along the pedestrianised High Road. All in all, we are confident we chose a good spot.

It did take a bit longer to fit out our practice – this was due to our principles of prudence and honesty in approach. We were determined to build a beautiful and functional venue without wasting money. We have achieved this by all chipping in. This meant that our 2 working partners have knuckled down and spent the last 8 or so weekends assisting with the shop fit, ensuring that our tight budget was kept to. Quite an achievement.

This will be reflected in how we look after you. We are quite sure that we spend far more time making sure we get you hearing better. Come along and try any hearing aids, at home with our wonderful trial process.

* Derby Street car park is the nearest. Also 3 hours’ free parking at Tesco and Sainsbury’s (both a couple of hundred yards away).