Our first sight of the OTICON OPN IIC / mini CIC

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Our patient, who is a vastly experienced IIC wearer with a complex and challenging life-long hearing loss, was quite pleased on his first trial appointment. We took very deep ear canal impressions using velvet-soft impression material and created these Oticon Opn 1 IICs for him, with no agreement, no payment, no commitment. He is trialling these over Christmas. Let’s see how they perform!

That’s what we do best.

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Goodbye to Kitty (Kitty Linn O’Neil: March 24, 1946 to November 2, 2018)

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Kitty O’Neal passed away last week. A truly inspirational figure, left deaf from a childhood illness, she was thwarted in her dream to become a champion diver, and instead became a renowned stunt-woman, and then famously the world land speed record holder. She proved that deafness was no barrier.

In 1976 in Oregon, O’Neil set the world land-speed record for female drivers. A hydrogen peroxide powered three-wheeled rocket car called the “SMI Motivator” reached an average speed of 512.7mph, with a peak speed of 621mph.

When she retired, Kitty had set 22 speed records on land and water.

Her land speed record still stands.

Jo and friends out on Sunday picking litter

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Well done Jo. Out on Sunday helping to look after our wonderful country. It’s SO important that we are all seen to have pride in our communities. The more of us that care, and are seen to care, the better we will all be.

Access Card – What is it?

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It’s a card which translates your disability/impairment into symbols which highlights the barriers you face and the reasonable adjustments required. The card can be used to gain access to concessionary ticket prices for example; the theatre or to watch a gig.
I mostly use mine for gigs. As I have a severe to profound hearing loss in both ears, I pay for a ticket for myself and my companion is allowed the ‘free’ ticket. Usually it’s a friend or my partner, who knows / uses BSL (British Sign Language) as I still struggle to understand what is being said in busy environments, even with my implant / hearing aids in. Also, in the event of a fire / emergency, my companion can help communicate this to me so I can get out safely. Even with a mild hearing loss, you may still struggle and need communication help, so you will still be accepted for the Access Card.
You apply for the Access Card online at You will be asked to provide your medical evidence (mine was a copy of my Audiogram) and answer some questions as to how your disability affects you in your everyday life. It costs £15.00 to buy and expires in 3 years. My card came in 3 working days and I have already used it at lots of music venues, on the train when purchasing tickets as well as when out in restaurants I can show them I need communication help or just for them to be patient with me.

Nuala, Senior contributor

Oticon Opn NEW MODEL version

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The most advanced hearing aid in the world is now available in a range of CUSTOM SHELLS.

Only through selected independent practices, including us.

Book now: to trial this before having to decide if it’s the best solution for your unique hearing loss.

Our new TV solution is the perfect fix!

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Mrs. M’s son was kind enough to help with this. I had already provided a pair of PHONAK VIRTO V30 power ITC hearing aids, but advised that the distance from the TV was always going to cause problems, just because of sound decay over distance.

There are other strategies to deal with this problem (such as buying a new TV, re-positioning the TV, using a domestic loop system, utilise a hearing aid accessory / TV device with the hearing aids), but I came up with a far easier, less fussy and cost effective way to deal with this widespread problem.

Do not rush out and buy a sound bar!

Mrs. M can adjust the volume, bass and treble right next to her armchair, through an 80W speaker. She reports that the results are fabulous. She can now hear ‘Strictly’ just how she likes without worrying about the neighbours or visitors.

WE care about finding the best answers for YOU. Call us today to experience the fundamental difference we can make in your life.

Steve discusses the merits of Ultimate Ear Protection

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Our visitors are reacting well to Steve’s warm and personable approach. With a skilled technical background over decades, he has a wealth of knowledge about our products and can explain the finer details in easy-to-understand language in a manner that you will appreciate.

Come along to see us if you would like to know more about hearing loss, hearing aids, tinnitus, ear wax removal, balance problems, noise protection, in ear monitors, sleep plugs, swimming plugs and more.

Highest quality ear wax removal service

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Here at the Nottingham Hearing Practice we have a wealth of experience in ear wax management, its removal and associated problems. Being able to access two of Nottingham’s most experienced and respected audiologists means you can be assured of a safe and effective ear wax removal procedure.

Micro-suction is generally seen as the safest, most effective way of removing an ear wax blockage, however it is not always possible to achieve this with micro-suction alone. We are trained in all disciplines of ear wax removal whether it be via micro-suction, irrigation and or instrumentation and we allow longer appointment slots for our procedures.

On initial inspection of your ears, we can usually determine what the best way forward will be for you. Ear canals vary dramatically from person to person, variance in shape, size and direction must be considered as should the nature, density, type and volume of wax present. Sometimes post-wax removal, we can find an underlying infection present where we will make a post wax removal medical referral for treatment.

We understand that an ear wax removal procedure can be daunting process for many so if you have any questions or reservations please don’t hesitate to call us and one of our highly trained audiologists will be happy to chat with you…..

Longer appointment times
2 highly qualified staff, working full time – means more appointment availability
Brand new micro-suction equipment
Multi-skilled clinicians (micro-suction, irrigation, physical removal)