FOUR hearing aids tested!

Jo with Mr Clark, who is benefiting from the true value of our trial service. Mr Clark wanted to explore the options available in private hearing care after initially using NHS hearing aids.

Mr Clark has complex listening needs in that he is a Conductor in an orchestra and plays the cornet, so music is of significant importance to him, alongside the normal social situations where he has difficulty hearing speech clearly in noise.

Jo initially trialled him with Phonak B90s, following on from that with Widex Beyond 440s. The Widex had the edge for his music but the Phonaks were better socially. However he really liked the phone connectivity and the app with the Widex.

We then introduced the Oticon OPN1s into the equation and on initial response we thought this was going to be the game changer…..until we then fitted him with the Widex Evoke 440s, a product that was launched less than two weeks ago..

Now with these two products as the clear leaders, Mr Clark has taken both sets away for another three weeks and we eagerly anticipate his final response when he returns for his next appointment with us at the Nottingham Hearing Practice.