Ken Pidcock, from Channel 4’s “Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds” now hears better with our help.

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“Having had one life changing experience as one of the adults in the series OPHF4YO*, I hardly expected another as I walked through Lark Hill Retirement Village.  
I noticed representatives from The Nottingham Hearing Practice, and having discarded other brands, I decided to make an appointment to have a test in my own bungalow.

                I could not have been more pleased.   I was offered two of the best technical models on the market to try for a period before I finally made my choice.   I now only need half the volume on my television, and I can now hear long forgotten sounds of birds.  

                Alan and Joanna were meticulous, pleasant and understanding.   I can recommend that you will be in safe hands”.

Ken Pidcock



* Channel 4: Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds, 2018

If you register / log in to Channel 4 on demand, you can watch the incredible episode 5 yourself for free.

Trekz Titanium Bone Conduction Headphones for Hearing Loss – Review

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“To pair the headphones is very simple – you hold down the on/off button for 5 seconds and search for the headphones in your phone/Mac, whatever your device is. Usually the pin is 0000 and it will remember this for future and you will be able to connect immediately. The headphones are wireless and are open ear. The sound is sent via vibrations through the cheekbone which is good for your awareness of your surroundings. I think the vibrations certainly add to the experience however you do have to get used to it.

How do they sound?

Unfortunately I am unable to hear the music very well through them. I have a severe to profound bilateral conductive hearing loss and with bone conduction my level off loss is moderate to severe so I was expecting to hear more with these headphones than what I did. I can’t comment on the sound quality and it would be unfair with the level of hearing loss I have. I do like how my ear canals aren’t occluded and when out running the vibrations helped to keep my pace.

What are they like to wear?

I found them very comfortable to wear (I have worn them for up to two hours at a time). When out running however, the placement of the headphones often move so I am constantly having to adjust them to the correct position on my earphones. On the flip side, I have extremely small ears so it’s more difficult to get them to stay put. They are sweat resistant and I found that the connection doesn’t get lost – I haven’t had a problem so far.

When I wore the headphones with my hearing aids, I could hear the music clearly, however I feel this defeats the object of already having my Bluetooth hearing aids, (Oticon Opn). I feel these headphones would be more suited to people with a lower level of hearing loss. I do wish I could use these though!


Nuala, Senior reviewer


New Rechargeable Hearing Aid wearer

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Mr. Davis is very pleased with his new PHONAK AUDEO B70 RECHARGEABLE system. He is pictured with Jo, his audiologist who will look after him for years to come, providing ongoing rehabilitation advice, regular hearing assessments and maintenance of the equipment.

“The jump in customer care with The Nottingham Hearing Practice is massive”

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“To say Alan and Jo made me feel completely at ease within a few minutes of meeting them is no exaggeration – what sincere, warm, and professional audiologists they are. After a 10 year ordeal with the NHS that in all honesty left me pretty despondent with my quality of life due to my hearing loss, along with the whole feeling weary and battered by it all, I feel like a different person with my new hearing aids. Alan was the consummate professional while running his tests & diagnosis, before going through the options available to me as to which hearing aids were best suited to my specific situation, and giving me the pros and cons of each – the beauty being that zero selling was done, Alan’s objective was to find the best solution, not necessarily the most expensive.

The jump in customer care with The Nottingham Hearing Practice is massive – no rushing me out of the door, or minds on the next/last patient, no brushing over my questions/concerns, and a very welcoming environment with warm staff whose desire to make sure the client is truly happy and satisfied is very apparent. It may sound very cliched, but Alan has without a doubt opened the world back up to me in regards to the hearing side of it, and I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone who has hearing problems to visit this practice and regain that quality of life that is missing when you can’t hear properly.”

Sincere thanks,

Oticon Opn changes lives

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“I have been wearing hearing aids since I was 2 or 3 (40 odd years ago) and the first ones I wore had 2 wires coming from my ears into a box that hung around my neck. Thankfully technology has come a long, long way since then!  I then had behind-the-ear hearing aids and then progressed to, arguably more discreet, in-the-ear hearing aids.

I met Rob a few years ago when he fitted me with in-the-ear Phonak hearing aids.  These were good but I did feel that I missed out on some conversations.  For example, at work, colleagues would speak to me quietly in private and I had to strain to hear to them.  I also struggled at noisy social events with lots of background noise.  I love music and I’d see people on the bus or train listening to their iPods or phones and I felt I was missing out on something that normal hearing people take for granted. I decided to buy some good quality over the ear headphones but I could hear an annoying feedback (whistling) and to be honest, I felt a bit silly wearing them.

So, after some research, I realised the only way to be able to enjoy the things that other people do was to upgrade my hearing aids with Bluetooth. I made an appointment with Rob and after discussing my priorities and the type of phone I have (Android), he advised the best ones for me would be Oticon Opn 1 and that I could have a no-obligation free trial.

Rob ordered them in the colour of my choice (silver), and my first impression when I saw them for the first time was how tiny in comparison to my old NHS hearing aids they were. They fitted comfortably and looked very discreet.  As anyone who wears hearing aids know, putting in new aids is always daunting and it takes a while to get used to them. These were no different.

After a couple of days, I realised that I was hearing voices better and not asking people to repeat themselves nearly as much, if at all. My old hearing aids didn’t have a volume control and what I love about these is that if someone is talking to me quietly, all I do is turn them up a notch, sit back and listen to every word without straining or nodding and pretending that I can hear them.

I also have a guide dog, Jumble, and at weekends I take her for a run in the park. I find it difficult to keep an eye on her running about everywhere but with these hearing aids in, I can now for the first time hear her collar rattling which is very reassuring.  I am now able to hear sounds from all directions which makes me feel more confident and safer, particularly when Jumble is off the lead in the park or when she is working and guiding me through a busy city centre.

Whilst these hearing aids are made for iPhone, it is possible to stream music and make calls using the ConnectClip and an Android phone.  Listening to music directly into my ears, with no one else knowing, is awesome (sorry boss!).  If I’m listening to music and a call comes through, the call takes priority and being able to hear the caller directly into my hearing aids is so much easier as I don’t have background noise to contend with.

All in all my experience with the Oticon Opn 1 so far has definitely improved my life and I’m looking forward to discovering the other amazing functions they have to offer.

I have used several private hearing aid dispensers in the past and I am so glad to have found Rob.  He has taken the time to get to know me and my family and the service and, just as importantly, the after-care, have been second to none.  I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending RJD Hearing Care to anyone who has concerns about their hearing or are in need of new hearing aids.


Thanks Rob!”

Jo gets kind comments, again.

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“Just want to say a great big thank you to Jo for holding my hand through the scary stages of acknowledging hearing loss and taking steps to stop living in a slightly isolated dull place and step back into world with HD multicoloured sound.”

FOUR hearing aids tested!

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Jo with Mr Clark, who is benefiting from the true value of our trial service. Mr Clark wanted to explore the options available in private hearing care after initially using NHS hearing aids.

Mr Clark has complex listening needs in that he is a Conductor in an orchestra and plays the cornet, so music is of significant importance to him, alongside the normal social situations where he has difficulty hearing speech clearly in noise.

Jo initially trialled him with Phonak B90s, following on from that with Widex Beyond 440s. The Widex had the edge for his music but the Phonaks were better socially. However he really liked the phone connectivity and the app with the Widex.

We then introduced the Oticon OPN1s into the equation and on initial response we thought this was going to be the game changer…..until we then fitted him with the Widex Evoke 440s, a product that was launched less than two weeks ago..

Now with these two products as the clear leaders, Mr Clark has taken both sets away for another three weeks and we eagerly anticipate his final response when he returns for his next appointment with us at the Nottingham Hearing Practice.

Ear Wax Micro-Suction – We Care

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I just wanted to give you some feedback regarding my visit today. I came for micro suction for ear wax removal.

l was amazed at how quickly the process was done considering l had never had my ears checked since I was a child so the build up of wax over 50 years was starting to take its toll. Dizzy spells, crackling in my hears and sometimes total loss of hearing.

The process took less than 30 minutes. Now my hearing is perfect, thanks to Alan the audiologist that sorted it out for me. I would recommend the Nottingham Hearing Practice to anyone with hearing issues to pop in and see Jo or Alan for a free hearing check. You’ll be amazed at the incredible service you will receive from Jo and Alan.

Thank you so much”
Kind regards,
Gary Davis
6 6 18

Mr. Barry loves his new aids

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Mr Barry is absolutely “chuffed” with his new hearing aids supplied and fitted by Alan. Being registered blind, this has been a life changing experience for him, and he never realised just how noisy his clocks were!