Access Card – What is it?

It’s a card which translates your disability/impairment into symbols which highlights the barriers you face and the reasonable adjustments required. The card can be used to gain access to concessionary ticket prices for example; the theatre or to watch a gig.
I mostly use mine for gigs. As I have a severe to profound hearing loss in both ears, I pay for a ticket for myself and my companion is allowed the ‘free’ ticket. Usually it’s a friend or my partner, who knows / uses BSL (British Sign Language) as I still struggle to understand what is being said in busy environments, even with my implant / hearing aids in. Also, in the event of a fire / emergency, my companion can help communicate this to me so I can get out safely. Even with a mild hearing loss, you may still struggle and need communication help, so you will still be accepted for the Access Card.
You apply for the Access Card online at You will be asked to provide your medical evidence (mine was a copy of my Audiogram) and answer some questions as to how your disability affects you in your everyday life. It costs £15.00 to buy and expires in 3 years. My card came in 3 working days and I have already used it at lots of music venues, on the train when purchasing tickets as well as when out in restaurants I can show them I need communication help or just for them to be patient with me.

Nuala, Senior contributor