Highest quality ear wax removal service

Here at the Nottingham Hearing Practice we have a wealth of experience in ear wax management, its removal and associated problems. Being able to access two of Nottingham’s most experienced and respected audiologists means you can be assured of a safe and effective ear wax removal procedure.

Micro-suction is generally seen as the safest, most effective way of removing an ear wax blockage, however it is not always possible to achieve this with micro-suction alone. We are trained in all disciplines of ear wax removal whether it be via micro-suction, irrigation and or instrumentation and we allow longer appointment slots for our procedures.

On initial inspection of your ears, we can usually determine what the best way forward will be for you. Ear canals vary dramatically from person to person, variance in shape, size and direction must be considered as should the nature, density, type and volume of wax present. Sometimes post-wax removal, we can find an underlying infection present where we will make a post wax removal medical referral for treatment.

We understand that an ear wax removal procedure can be daunting process for many so if you have any questions or reservations please don’t hesitate to call us and one of our highly trained audiologists will be happy to chat with you…..

Longer appointment times
2 highly qualified staff, working full time – means more appointment availability
Brand new micro-suction equipment
Multi-skilled clinicians (micro-suction, irrigation, physical removal)