The exciting new OTICON OPN S 1 is now here

…And WE are able to let you assess this incredible new device at home, with no commitment, until you are convinced you are hearing better again.

The new features to note:

  1. The OpenSound Optimizer effectively eliminates any possibility of feedback, even though these are ‘open’ fittings.
  2. The super fast (nothing is faster at processing amplified sound) new VELOX S platform. Some 3.5 billion processes per second!
  3. Lithium-ion quick charging batteries – means no more fiddly batteries to change.
  4. OpenSound Navigator scans around you 360° more than 100 times a second, reducing loud noise, whilst preserving speech.

Does that all sound too good to be true?

Well, of course with us, WE PROVE THESE CLAIMS before you have to decide if the product meets your expectations.

Call now on 01115 857 2900 to book an appointment