Ken Pidcock, from Channel 4’s “Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds” now hears better with our help.

“Having had one life changing experience as one of the adults in the series OPHF4YO*, I hardly expected another as I walked through Lark Hill Retirement Village.  
I noticed representatives from The Nottingham Hearing Practice, and having discarded other brands, I decided to make an appointment to have a test in my own bungalow.

                I could not have been more pleased.   I was offered two of the best technical models on the market to try for a period before I finally made my choice.   I now only need half the volume on my television, and I can now hear long forgotten sounds of birds.  

                Alan and Joanna were meticulous, pleasant and understanding.   I can recommend that you will be in safe hands”.

Ken Pidcock



* Channel 4: Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds, 2018

If you register / log in to Channel 4 on demand, you can watch the incredible episode 5 yourself for free.