How are we keeping our customers and ourselves well during these times?

Audiology Clinics were always deemed an essential service, thus didn’t have to close, However until we had guidelines set out by our professional bodies we were unable to see people within a 2m distance.

Since the guidelines have been published we would like to outline how this affects how we work and keep everyone safe:

Firstly ONLY the Audiologist and the customer (plus one family member from the same household) is allowed in the practice. The door is kept locked to prevent walk-ins.

The Branch Manager, Steve continues to work from home, making bookings, orders for sundries and taking payments.

No-one else ever sets foot in the practice. No Postman, no Delivery Drivers, no other customers, not even the Window Cleaner (Alan Jackson job for you!)

After each customer we clean and santise the practice thoroughly using hospital-specification cleaning products.

Hand gel and the correct standard (IIR) face masks are provided for everyone.

The Audiologist also uses a disposable apron and gloves (or if gloves are not used, hands are washed frequently).

You will only be seen by a Professional Audiologist, NOT a Hearing Care Assistant or a Nurse.

We practice all forms of wax removal (NOT just Microsuction).

We have availability 5 days a week with ample free parking a stone’s throw away.

Lastly out of our 100+ reviews (Trustpilot, Google, Facebook) 100% of our customers rated us “Excellent”.

Please call 0115 857 2900 for further information or to make a booking.”