Audiologist v. Dispenser?

Why is there so much hype about hearing aids?

Well, unfortunately, those of us that have hearing loss have in the past tended to be rather reticent about stepping forward and admitting they have a problem. So, hearing aid websites are often very compelling, persuasive and often come across as quite sales-orientated. I think, recently we have become rather more discriminating. The British consumer has begun to seek out what is the very best healthcare they can source, not just what they are told in the first instance.

However, it is so important for us to realise the variances in hearing aid effectiveness on each individual, but also the large variance in the standards of care you may receive.


Audiologist v. Hearing Aid Dispenser

Most hearing aid retailers rely on hearing aid dispensers, and not audiologists. Hearing aid dispensers test their patients’ hearing for the purpose of deciding if a patient might be able to wear hearing aids. Audiologists spend more training time on diagnosing and analysing hearing loss and how best to address it, utilising a number of techniques and possible solutions.

Hearing aids can be an effective tool in improving one’s ability to understand conversation and communicate with others, but the audiologist’s role is to use an array of approaches to help you hear, understand and communicate better.

Unfortunately, most hearing aid dispensers work on low salaries and high commissions, and will invariably be working to meet sales targets (this is as a consequence of most of us, as a nation, being rather slow in accepting the existence of a hearing loss). They will be highly trained in a variety of sales techniques and the majority of your FREE test will be designed to sell you a hearing aid, rather than focusing on the correct clinical evaluation of your hearing.

We see a large number of patients who have been sold hearing aids which are inadequately programmed or lacking in individual customisation.

At The Nottingham Hearing Practice, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible solution for each individual. As an independent practice we are able to supply all hearing aids from all manufacturers without undue external influence. Any recommendations made are based purely on what will best address your own particular hearing requirements.


We still offer a free consultation*, but even more, a free EVALUATION PERIOD too!

We could charge for hearing tests, as is the norm for an audiologist-centred practice, but we choose not to. We want to ensure you, our potential new patient that you can receive a high level of clinical care, but without feeling that you have to pay through the nose, just to guarantee that. We live on our reputation of excellence, but also of incredible value too. As you can see from our kind supporters, it’s a heady mix that works.

Come and meet us.

*where hearing aids are trialled.